med-man brand is a company dedicated to providing information related to hydroponic systems, seeds, fertilizer, growing crops, and optimizing growth for increased yields throughout the entire life-cycle of the plant. The med-man brand website will provide knowledge and services for the clients/ customers/ onlookers/ and visitors to this website in hopes of increasing quality and decreasing costs and loss in their lives.

med-man brand’s mission is to provide the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible prices. med-man brand’s strategy is to follow a non for profit model where all proceeds through this website will into bettering the company, it’s branches and employees. Our prices are made possible by running this way and dedicating the company solely to this accomplishment.

med-man brand is a teacher, healer, inventor, strain creator and refiner, author, producer, writer, and warrior in the battle for personal freedom in all its shapes and forms. Viewers of this website should gain insight into improving their lives, gardens, and awareness while keeping their pocket books filled.

The med-man brand has been operational unofficially since 1998 and the company is head quartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Thank you for taking the time to visit the med-man brand website.

Who is he?

Thaddeus Conrad, President and CEO of med-man brand – the world’s most awarded, first and only weed-seed-feed and more company

C.O.O. of Powerplant Inc – a California based production company

C.P.O. of Ammcan – the world’s largest indoor medical marijuana production site

Consultant – Supreme pharmaceuticals

What/when/where has he done?

  • 22 years experience/knowledge base in the cannabis industry
  • Most awarded North American: hydroponic system, seed breeding, fertilizer and flower company
  • Set up over 2000 kilowatts of medical grows in 7 years in British Columbia
  • Developed and invented multiple hydroponic systems for med-man brand and other major companies
  • The world most cannabis specific fertilizers
  • The worlds first and only ailment specific seed breeder
  • Unbeatable customer service relations
  • Consultations, management
  • Production director @ AMMCan – the worlds largest , most advanced indoor production site of its kind
  • North Americas most awarded breeder
  • The world’s most awarded hydroponic system
  • One of the world’s most awarded producers

Industry firsts:

  • Adding the worlds most awarded grow method with my recipe for the worlds most awarded fertilizer
  • Setting up the some of and the worlds largest indoor medical grow
  • Win 6 trophies in 1 competition
  • Win 3 cups in 1 competition
  • Combine cannabis flower, seeds, fertilizer and hydroponic systems and grow method in 1 company from 1 website
  • Over $5,000,000.00 in pro bono services world wide to the medical marijuana community and counting
  • Provide personal growing, hydroponic systems and yield tips for free for everyone
  • The worlds most awarded and cannabis only specific fertilizers
  • The worlds first and only cannabis specific plant steroid
  • The worlds first ailment specific seed breeder
  • Unmatched customer direct services
  • The worlds first plant specific amino plant treatment
  • First company to openly test and promote its use with/for cannabis world wide


Natural remedies through lifestyle change can only be accomplished by being a leader and paving the way. I am proud of what i have accomplished and encourage others to take the same pride in why they are here and do their best at it.

“med-man brand is a teacher, healer, inventor, strain creator and refiner, author, producer, writer, and warrior in the battle for personal freedom in all its shapes and forms.”

“med-man” in the media!

Arrested for legal pot, man claims

Has medical-marijuana licence, but busted by RCMP




Thaddeus Conrad of Steinbach shows his medical marijuana permit and claims he was beaten by police and arrested for possession of marijuana for trafficking.


Thaddeus “med-man” Conrad and friend Lord Pete the Crazy Levesque are enjoying the festivities and music at Pemberton Music Festival on July 18th, 2014.


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