Where/who to ship/send payment to?
Thaddeus Conrad
PO box 333 stn mn
Steinbach Manitoba

Can i send cash?
No. Only international money order or interac money transfer is accepted.

When can i expect my order?
Orders are shipped on or around the first of every month. shipping can take 1-4 weeks subject to region.

What plants or strains do you have or lineage of kinds?
99% of my strains are clone onlies from the Canadian medical circle, specifically in bc. they are named for the ailments they treat. Who knows what they really were or where they came from.

What males have you used to outcross?
mk ultra
sour diesel kush 10/50
white fire og
skunk #1
sensi skunk
tahoe og kush
skunk#1 x purple thai

Can weed save me or my friends lives?
Yes, but is only 25% of what i prescribe is cannabis, the rest is

  • Raw organic diet
  • Falun dafa daily (www.falundfa.org)
  • Excercise like walking, gym, swimming etc.
  • A strain from my mgm genetics
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