“Not much to say…..but….Med Man hit a Home run….I’m very pleased with the 4 seeds that were popped..(more tucked away)…they were cheap…and well they’re beautiful…..Good job med-man”
– Paul Martin aka greenbeaver

“I just want to say. it takes a true master/artist to create a production and proceesing method as simplistic and as effective as the med-man method….it was a real pleasure working with you at the greenhouse, thank you for all your help, knowledge and insight. Your method even makes our job at qc even more easy, and we are not even touching the plants.”
– Ram Davloor (head of qa/qc 7 acres mmpr licensee)

“Hey med-man, i just have to say….your lemon thai is in my top 3 strains i have ever smoked”
– John Flower (president supreme pharmaceuticals)

“Hey med-man, thanks for your conkushion, it may be the best medicine I have ever used”
– Sarah Herburger (vice president 7 acres mmpr licensee)

“Do what you love and love what you do! Respect it! Coming from anyone else this track would be insincere posser garbage and I’d call it that. I actually loved it! Works because you keep it real! Gotta say good on you bro! About time to we heard something real on Facebook! Keep doing what you do, the cream always rises to the top! Feel free to post it to my wall! I know some phonies that could learn a thing or two from you about keeping it real….”
– Matt cormack winnipeg

“Easily the nicest genetics I’ve ever personally had the privilege of growing so I just wanted to say thank you very much and if you ever want me to try any testers i’d be more then happy to promote you and your genetics I think you’re doing great things for this industry and I’d love to be a part of that someday keep up the hard work my friend sold me at the stalk rub lol what a nose!!! It beats everything in the room I’ll be a repeat customer no joke! and just today I may have made you another lol. I told my local hydro store about your purple pain killer I had going and that you only delt with reg beans no fem bs and they were thrilled to the point of writing it down on paper for your contact. hope you don’t mind me spreading the good word. peace brother thanks again :)”
– Brody

“Hey med-man, i gave a colleague (mmpr buyer) your rock-band to try last week. he said it was the tastiest most potent bud he has every tried. its tested at 21.5% thc, 2% cbd. he has been smoking / vaping 10 years now for his ailment. he says thanks for the best relief he has ever had”
–    B.C. Tenured certified organic chemist Toronto, Ontario

“I m try your rock star kush this days… Its the only strain that make me high.. Actually i have quite 15 varieties to smoke… The rock star its the strongest..”
Stefona from Spain

“I think is the first grower rap i never heard! amazing”
– R.C. from sicily about the album 40 amps to freedom

“I love your songs med man”

“Hey there my friend long time no talk. I wanted to thank you again for the conkushion seeds. I am very pleased with them. I am wanting to buy more seeds from you. I am looking for a nice sativa to try out. May I ask in your opinion which strain that you have would be the best choice? I am doing soil not hydro. Thanks again for all the work that you do. It’s nice knowing that the person I am ordering is so knowledgeable about his profession. Keep up the good work”
– Sean

“Thanks man…that is the most unique bday present I have ever received.”
– Jennawae McLean

“The first seed I popped from the swag bag at karma 2014 is ridiculous. Thank god it was female because I would have cried if it was a male (even though I would have
100% used it for breeding). This is 9 week from seed. 10 days into flower. This is one plant if you can believe it and I took 10 clones off it 11 days ago. Can’t believe how crazy these genetics are.”
– James

“If i want to luagh my ass off, all i do is get really high and listen….”
– Jeffrey lundstrome skunk funk Saskatchewan

“med-man is one of if not the best industrial cannabis producers in the wold”
– Peter Herburger (president and ceo of AMMCan – mmpr licensee)

“med-man is a world dominator…he is like the rockstar of our industry”
– Jose Dominguez

“med-man brand integrity, humility and honesty in mind always…..the world’s most famous……ridiculous!”
– Matt “bouncin buds” Beren

“There are guys that know about cannabis down here, then above them there is Thaddeus up here”
– Dave wheeler 92 citi from Winnipeg

“Hey med-man, In 40 years of growing, we and our neighbors have never smoked, grown nor seen better bud/seeds then yours. thanks for all your amazing products, keep up the fight!”
– Sandi and Perry from S. Manitoba

“People talk about nutrients and growing techniques but the proof is in the pudding! I’ve just started using Med-man brand nutrients and I am blown away! My girls have never looked so good and strong! I’m a novice grower and have had what i thought was good success in the past 3yrs. The future looks much brighter now that i have the nutes dialed in! Thanks Med-man! Pictures to follow!”

“I was gifted these seeds last year … The smoke that came from the bud… was an incredibly intense and potent. The smell was very fuely and sour. When i made rosin out of it, the taste was almost like pure kerosene and in my honest opinion it was a bit to fuely to be pleasent for me. But i knew others who enjoyed it. The flavor was one of the best ive experienced for fuel, the yeilds were a bit below average but dense nugs”
– Mastor Bator via icmag

“That rock-star kush….one if my all time favorites”
– Imabosz @ instgram

“So it please me to announce, that the crc will be getting a 3500.00 donation thanks in part to med-man brand and all the other amazing people that have helped to enrich the life of the city and province. least but not last…my life, much love, med-man”

“No joke there best beans iv had i while bro they sank.in cup in less than 12 hours and were sprouted within 24 mate cant knock them at all taking full week one nutes no probs at all loving them mate tbh i think ill have to try all your strains out deffo glad found a real breeder. Your a legend mate serious…”
– Marty from the u.k.

“Thompson Caribou i love extracting this flower , produces some of the finest medical grade concentrate on earth , Respect to med man!”

“My friends who were with me at Spannabis told me that one of the strongest pots was yours but the seeds who gave them were lost and they couldn`t try to see how it will grow here in Europe”
– Bobby from Spannabis

“Your cookies are pretty fire bro…”
– Joel war warner Vancouver Island

“Hey med-man, The edibles you are now making are the best I have ever had in my life”
– Ross rebagliati Olympic gold medal winner

“Thank you Thaddeus Conrad, for your personal invite to attend Winnipeg’s first ever cannabis cup, THE KIND CUP. Not many cops, get the privilege to meet some of the most honest, decent, sincere people in the world who fight for their right to use Cannabis. As a retired police officer I am of the view that the “government” at all levels must proceed “without prejudice” and regulate cannabis such that store front medical cannabis dispensaries, lounges and personal home grows are allowed.To do otherwise is to waste tax dollars on unending court battles, with the Charter of Rights, on the side of average puffing Canadians. The sky won’t fall in if you give people a bit of a break. That’s what i learned at the KIND CUP.”

“Hard like rocks…med-man brand nutes…Rock-star kush”
-Stefano pica via instagram

“Got those WCSD harvested that I got from u and WOW! Really really strong and tasty, think I found my new favourite!”
– Steve from Manitoba

“You have the best rockstar hands down brother !!”
– Nick from facebook

“med-man grows the best weed in Canada….”
– Eddy from vapes in winnipeg to grand chief of Manitoba

“We just found 400 seeds from 2 years ago. We unloaded them at a wholesale price. The guy just got back to US. Every single seed cracked. Every last one. Thanks man. We love your seeds.”
– Better then nature Winnipeg

“All his 420 ‪#‎conkushion‬ seeds cracked, they’re beautiful”
– Jimmy saynt via facebook

“I thank you quietly ever single day for this beautiful strain. I swear by it and smoke it daily. No other strain beats purple pain! ❤️ (purple pain killer)”
– Jolene chamber via facebook

“Thanks again man your strains are aaaa”
– Ryan from facebook

“Bubble-haze….the most trichs i have taken pics of yet!”
– Kingston 420 @ instagram

“You have many trichomes ! and it is also powerful as Kush rock star! It is easy to win a cup”
– Vincente via facebook

“Saludos desde Barcelona… Tu nutrientes son la bomba
(greetings from barcelona…your nutes are the bomb)”
– Stefano pica in Barcelona

“Hi med-man, i just wanted to say that for 5 years we have got 22 pounds from our patients room per crop. now not only did you save us 90% off of advanced nutrients stiff pricing, but we got a whopping 27 pounds using your nutes and the med-man method. and our patients have responded saying it is the best batch we have every grown, and were wondering what magic happened on that crop vs all the others in the past. even the extract from the leafs return is bigger and more powerful bottom line, we as growers and the patients have never been happier. and there is no hype here. med-man brand nutes and the med-man method deliver. Just wanted to say thanks again for sharing knowlwedge/recipes that no one else will cant wait to set up your beds next, c ant imagine how that will improve eveyones lives as well you are the best!”
– Anonymous designated grower

“Matt Douglas – I can attest to the voracity of med man’s seeds. So far I’ve had 100% success and they go off faster than I’ve ever seen before.”
– From facebook

“Unified field #1 is the first to pop through out of the 6 I started, ahead of chemo and diamonds and dust from gage green”
– Dan from fb

Disclaimer – “these are not testimonials for commercial purposes. They are character references and personal shared experiences “

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