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med-man brand is a proud supplier and distributor of variety of nutes including Cannabolic Stacker nutes, Kind Bloom nutes, Kind Kick nutes, Kind Swell nutes, Sugar Coat nutes, Base nutes and Cannaminos nutes. Following are some key points of Med-Man Nutes:

med-man brand nutes -main category

  • The worlds most awarded cannabis fertilizer
  • The world most cannabis specific ratios and ingredients
  • 3 industry firsts – cannabolic stacker, lemon-lean, o.g. kind tea
  • Grey ash every time
  • Trophy winning look, smell, taste and yields
  • First nutes to add the worlds most awarded proprietary / flagship grow method on every bottle
  • Very high calyx to leaf ratio on most every strain
  • Faster crops / more crops per year
  • Huge savings – up to 90% off other nutrient companies
  • First company to use cannabis in their marketing and advertising
  • Over 10 years of research and development in government licensed facility
  • The world's most eco friendly: less space in the work space or store front, least freight then any other liquid nutrients. no dies, additives or fillers
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