User agreement

  • Not for profit – you understand you are supporting a 100% not for profit organization. We go out of our way to provide much needed services in the midst of legal bureaucracy in Canada concerning marijuana and its products until the issue of supply and production is resolved. Because we are not doing typical service like fast food for example. We do not appreciate or tolerate any form of behavior that doesn’t appreciate that we put our lives and freedoms on the line to make your life better, for free. (donations are for the organizations costs, not personal benefits.
  • User agreements – 1. Use our words with integrity. No foul language or behavior will be tolerated 2. We don’t take things personally. Nothing is perfect, any delays or problems don’t happen because of us and do not to be offended by. 3. We don’t make assumptions. Only facts are dealt with. no hearsay or speculations. 4. We do our best – to practice these 4 agreements and serve you accordingly.
  • Liability – You understand that our products are actually free to you. The money you donate is to cover our time and expenses making and processing your order. once the order is shipped and tracking is provided to you. our job is finished. any lost stolen. broken or mishandled products re solely the responsibility of the purchaser and receiver. We do not change, reverse, exchange or refund any donations. The work has been completed on our end to the best of our ability. As the receiver. Its your job to track and receive the package, not ours.
  •  Penalties – All orders and purchasers are subject to full charge of their order without refund, and lifetime ban from our products and services if any breach of these policies. And if need be rcmp will be notified for any delinquencies, threats or other unruly behavior. We do have all of your personal info and have no issues providing them to law enforcement officials for further investigations.
  • You completely understand the terms and policies and understand the consequences of any deviation from them.
  • We only say what we mean, and always be respectful
  • We never take anything personally
  •  We never make any assumption
  •  We always do our best at making things work the best
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