Medical Film Buckets

It has been 10 years since I brought Medical Film Tables to the world. One of the cleanest, cheapest, most efficient, user friendly, high yielding and quality producing systems ever designed (when used with the med-man method that is). It is time to now unveil my medical film buckets. They have been on my mind a while now, and the awesome guys at BC Northern Lights turned me on to a high quality plastic fabricator.

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I have 13 prototypes buckets, and am building this room as a research and development facility.  In standard fashion, the build, the nutes, the genetics, the system and environment/technique will all be med-man brand.  A never done before achievement by any company in this industry.  I welcome you all to join me on this journey in real time as I build and grow.  I will also have a couple other krusty buckets in the room to compare my new buckets to his.

Benefits of medical film buckets : 1 upfront cost, no mediums to wash/buy/transport/dispose of, only roots for the compost to discard, all that are needed is 3 inch baskets and 3 inch rockwool cubes (med-man method). Plus some minor plumbing supplies subject to how you run you grows.  And that is it.  They can be used like any other bucket system, 1 plant per square foot or less, big trees especially is what I will be doing.  Enjoy…

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