WaterToday – Okay so can you tell me your essential reaction to this new ACMPR?

Conrad – I’m very excited and pleased with the decision because human rights were being infringed upon. So it’s a good win for human rights.

WaterToday – As a designated grower who has been providing starting material to Licensed Producers, what do you think about the licensed producers now being the only ones that can sell this?

Conrad – Well you know what? With all due credit to the licensed producers, they’ve done a lot of hard work to get to where they are. And most of them have compiled a lot of really good start-up material. But on another note, businesses like me will still continue providing materials and items for growers that can’t be provided by the bigger licensed producers.

And another problem that I see arising is the licensed producers trying to fight the court order saying that they have to provide start-up material, because I could see them trying to protect all of the hard work that they’ve respectively done.

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